Small Brass Keychain Pry Bar with Patina


Regular price $30.00

This is a Small Brass Keychain Pry Bar. It is not a hard use pry bar. It has a bottle opener as well as a pry wedge on one end. It can be used as a light duty pry bar. You can also open your favorite bottled beverage with the bottle opener.

The pry bar is 2.75 inches long, 1/4 inch thick, and 1/2 inch wide. It's the small version of my regular pry bars.

Since the pry bar is made of brass it may show wear from use. Brass is a somewhat soft metal so don't expect this pry bay to stand up to tough use.

The price is for one Brass Pry Bar.

The pry bar has had a patina applied to it. Each pry bar's patina is different and unique. Brass will continue to develop a natural patina over time and use. The look of the pry bar will change over time.

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